I watched Tim Cook introduce Apple Watch and now I’m depressed


As Tim Cook announced in an Apple broadcast conference today, Apple Watch is coming out in April — the 24th, for those of you who can’t wait to have an iPhone melted down and injected in your bloodstream, essentially.

Apple Watch includes the following dystopian features: Wirelessly transmitted physical taps that your friends can send to get your attention, as if the ubiquitous boodle-BOOP! tone weren’t annoying enough; the ability to send your heartbeat to a loved one, possibly to let him know that you have just drunk four Red Bulls in a row and might die; and a litany of fitness apps to make you feel shitty — with reminders! — about failing to meet your daily “calories burned” quota.

And, as Cook very creepily said during the launch announcement: “Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created. It’s not just with you, it’s on you.”

It’s on you.

It’s on you.

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This rusty steelworks is about to become a kaleworks


A defunct steel factory in Newark, N.J., is slated to become the world’s largest indoor farm. It’s hard to think up a more hopeful image: greens sprouting in the ruins of the decaying industrial economy. There’s a description of the $30 million project here, with renderings that make the whole thing look a little like farming as designed by the Container Store.


Beneath the appealing surface of this project, there’s a lot of substance to applaud, too. The venture-backed company, AeroFarms, will bring jobs to the city, replacing blight with business. It will grow produce without pesticides. Its project will be incredibly efficient with water. It’s land-saving — able to grow tons of food in a small space. It can control its weather. And it’s close to a lot of eaters, so transportation of its products should have a smaller impact than the delivery of salad greens from California or Mexico.

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